March 19 – April 5 : Silicon Valley Country Retreat and Seminar 2014

Mar 18th, 2014 | By | Category: In Brief

Beautiful downtown Gilroy, California — about a half-hour’s drive east of Monterey. More Steinbeck country?

Tomorrow the counterweights  editors and editorial staff in Toronto will be leaving more or less en masse to consult and otherwise constructively interact with the technical support staff in Palo Alto, California (and their new rural branch office in the exurbs of Gilroy, south of San Jose). We will be doing what we can to catch up with the latest technical arts and crafts in a fast universe. We will be gone for about two and a half weeks.

To leave plenty of room in the minds of all of us attending the Silicon Valley Country Retreat and Seminar 2014, the counterweights offices in Toronto will be shut down from March 19 to April 4. During this period no new material will be posted on the site.  As someone has already explained : “We need to at last escape this year’s stubborn severe winter, and recharge our batteries in the Mediterranean climate of the Golden State North.”

When we return, resurrected, refreshed, and ravenous for public service again, we will start the next phase of our online adventures with  the eminent Rob Sparrow’s much-anticipated annual analysis of the hopes and aspirations of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club. We can’t think of a better way of saying we’re back — “all reved up and ready to go.”

At the latest, the first Sparrow report for 2014 will be posted on Saturday, April 5 — the day of the Jays’ second home game of the season, against the formidable Yankees. Depending on technical developments in California, it might even be posted a little before, in time for the Jays’ first home game on April 4, as in previous years. Wherever you are that weekend, check out Rob Sparrow’s crystal ball on where it will all end at the end of the season, late in October 2014.

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