President Obama wouldn’t have to be born here to be Prime Minister of Canada

Aug 4th, 2009 | By | Category: In Brief
Ana Marie Cox and Washingtonienne

Ana Marie Cox and Washingtonienne

The male airhead Tucker Carlson says Canadians should not pay “disturbingly close attention to American politics … get a life and stop stalking us.”

But the much lovelier and smarter Ana Marie Cox encourages “the involvement of our neighbors to the North in American political discussions. (HI DAD!).” So … Irwin Stelzer, a business adviser and director of economic policy studies at the Hudson Institute, had a piece in the August 2 Sunday Times of London called “Barack Obama wanted too much.”

Mr. Stelzer claims: “We are six months into the Obama reign, and he did have a good thing going until very recently … It is too early to say that the presidential agenda is dead in the water. But it is not too early to say that he made some serious errors.”

Even or especially after watching “GOP mobs disrupt town halls” on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and “GOP Thuggishness” on the Rachel Maddow Show, on the evening of Monday, August 3, I can’t myself see how President Obama has made any serious errors.

His relative slippage in some recent opinion polls, and such current opposition insanity as “The Berserk ‘Birthers,‘” is just what you’d expect the first African American president to face, in the wild mist of the current great health care reform debate, and on and on and on.

Ms. Cox and W again

Ms. Cox and W again: before the miracle of President Obama

Meanwhile, as even Mr. Stelzer acknowledges, “Stock market surges; S & P 500, Nasdaq cross key milestones.” Then, whatever else, “’Cash for clunkers’ gives a boost to July auto sales.” And, according to a recent Pew Global Attitudes survey, “Confidence in Obama Lifts US Image Around the World” (including Iran).

On July 25 the Toronto Globe and Mail asked its online readers “Can the Republicans regain the White House by 2016?” Only 38% said Yes. Two days earlier the Calgary Herald (in Canada’s alleged version of Texas) had asked its online readers “Do you think US President Barack Obama is still doing a good for his country?” More than 64% said Yes.

If the USA ever is crazy enough to abandon the most impressive president it’s had since the end of the Second World War, before his constitutional best-before date, a quite solid majority of us would certainly still be thrilled to have him up here.

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