Ontario Bandido biker murders trial moves into high gear

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Wayne KellestineIt is now more than three years and three months since we first reported on what is still being described as “the largest mass murder in Ontario history.” It involved the assassination of eight Bandidos biker gang members and associates from the Toronto region, on a farm in the same old agrarian democratic heartland of Southwestern Ontario that once nurtured the late great (Canadian) American economist John Kenneth Galbraith.

The trial of the six individuals charged with the murders finally moved into high gear in London, Ontario last week. According to the prosecution’s lead witness – a reformed biker now in the witness protection program, and known only as M.H., the killings were the result of a “power struggle involving the Bandidos’ two Canadian chapters [in Winnipeg and Toronto] and the US parent organization [headquartered in Texas], which leaned toward the Winnipeg group.”

The apparent alleged ringleader of the alleged six killers (associated with the Winnipeg group) is the 60-year-old Wayne Kellestine, on whose Iona Station farm the murders took place. According to M.H., “Kellestine danced a jig several times during the slaughter while singing the Nazi national anthem, ‘Deutschland über alles.’” He also “told a Jewish biker he would be killed last so he would suffer the most.”

What John Kenneth Galbraith would make of it all can only be imagined. For further appalling details, see: “Bandido informant recounts preparations for gruesome rendezvous” ; “Bandidos informant describes bloodbath in barn” ; “Accused laughed over killing biker, witness says” ; and “Biker laughed as he was killed, trial hears.” As is customarily said in reporting on such matters: “The trial continues.”Â  (So hold onto your stomach, as best you can.)

UPDATE: For the ultimate resolution of this issue see the Counterweights Editors’ “Life in jail for Bandidos biker killers in Southwestern Ontario.”

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