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Last roundup or first viceroy .. what is the future of tricky Dick Cheney?

Jun 27th, 2007 | By | Category: USA Today

No less a political analyst than Arsenio Hall made the crucial point back at the beginning. He had noticed, he told Jay Leno on TV, that George W. Bush could not talk when Dick Cheney was drinking a glass of water. Half a dozen years later a series in the Washington Post, eerily linked with […]

Good to see the democracy works .. because that is what we are there to defend!

Jun 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: Key Current Issues

Soon enough some 2,500 brave soldiers from French Canada’s fabled Vingt-Deux Regiment will be dangerously at work in Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, at a send-off on June 20 “anti-war sentiment spilled on to the floor of the Quebec National Assembly.” But this did not perturb commanding Brigadier-General Guy Laroche, who just said: “It is good to […]

News from Nunavut : what does the Mayer report tell us about Canada’s Arctic experiment?

Jun 17th, 2007 | By | Category: Canadian Provinces

Whatever else, Canada does have a vast chunk of northern geography. And both climate change and new resource technologies seem to hold out fresh prospects for far northern economic development that more southerly business interests can applaud. The eastern Arctic is also now home to the innovative Nunavut Territory – whose creation in 1999 still […]

Senate reform showdown in Ottawa .. only Canadian humour can save us now ..

Jun 10th, 2007 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

When something called the Anaheim Ducks beats the Ottawa Senators for the Stanley Cup in five games, you know that NHL hockey has definitively lost its luster as the great Canadian distinction. It may be that Canada will have to start relying instead on its more recent status as the home and native land of […]

Nice Internet pornography revisited .. Britt Peterson, sexsomnia, Rachel Marsden, etc.

Jun 5th, 2007 | By | Category: Entertainment

The world is what it is. You can’t get around it. The editors here have been pressuring me relentlessly to revisit the most widely visited article in the short and happy life of this online magazine – a piece I did called “Nice Internet Pornography .. the gentle eroticism of,” posted quietly way back on […]