Remembering Lount and Matthews .. who died on April 12, 1838 for our Canadian freedoms today

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For those who reside in the vicinity of what is still (for the moment) Canada’s largest metropolis, we’re pleased to note that a morning vigil will be held in downtown Toronto this coming Thursday, April 12, 2012, in commemoration of the public hangings of Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews 174 years ago, on the morning of Thursday April 12, 1838.

The vigil is being organized by the Lount and Matthews Commemoration Committee (Ashok Charles, chair ; Wayne Adam ; Tony O’Donohue ; and Randall White). We quote from a flyer provided by the Committee:

“Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews were executed, in Toronto, on April 12, 1838, for their involvement in the pro-democracy Rebellion of 1837. The popular uprising sought to replace the oligarchic rule which existed at the time with a government that answered to the people’s elected representatives. Lount, Matthews and their fellow rebels, lead by William Lyon Mackenzie, put their lives on the line for their convictions; their efforts and sacrifice contributed to the achievement of democratic government in Canada.

“Please join us on the morning of April 12, from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, at the corner of Toronto Street and Court Street to commemorate these brave men. You are invited to wear black in recognition of their sacrifice. Program will include an address by historian, Randall White and by active Canadian republican, Ashok Charles. Attendees will receive a FREE commemorative t-shirt. For more info: ” (Toronto Street, btw, runs north/south for a short distance due north of King Street, a short distance east of Yonge, just above the old King Edward Hotel. The intersection with Court Street is on the east side of Toronto Street – just across  from the former head office of  Mr. Conrad Black.)

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