Perils of American Idolatry .. a Canadian lament

Apr 26th, 2005 | By | Category: Entertainment

The world watched with gaped jaw as you re-elected George W.

And now we have to watch as the best are voted out or threatened each week on American Idol. Dammit America, what’s with that?

The recent dropping of Anwar from American Idol has left me seacrestfallen. This week’s episode opened with the announcement that Ryan Seacrest had received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. I’ve never seen the Walk of Fame. So I assumed it was for big stars like Marilyn Monroe or Cary Grant. But I guess I like my scotch with water too.

Anwar’s talents were expected to take him to the top three and his performance of Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” was well he really nailed the last note. When they got down to the bottom three of Scott, Anwar and that little blond guy my money literally was on Scott getting the boot.

Sure, Anwar was (and remains) black, and ok maybe he looked gay, but the man could sing! Sammy was black. Sammy looked gay. Sammy could sing! You gotta love Sammy, don’t you? Yes, you do.

So when I turn from my reality-based entertainment to my reality-based reality, I’m bracing myself for Scott to win. That’s how eroded my faith in America is. I mean you re-elected George W, didn’t you. Yes, you did.

And now in Canada they say we’re about to elect Stephen Harper. What’s with that?

John Izquierdo is a Canadian ad man, and a close student of modern entertainment.

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