We’re off to the exurbs of Northern California … at yet another strange time ..

Dec 1st, 2021 | By | Category: In Brief

FROM THE COUNTERWEIGHTS EDITORS, 1 DEC 2021. It may seem a bit academic at this late stage of this particular blogazine history (when there is more time between fresh postings in any case). But we just want to note anyway that most of us are off tomorrow, to our first in-person colloquium in two years with our technical staff in Northern California.

The blogazine’s Toronto operations will be closing down, as it were, for the duration of our California trip. But we’ll be reporting back at some point during the week of December 13 or possibly December 20. The airline trip itself is still understandably more complex than it was before the pandemic. But we’re especially looking forward to our destination — which is somewhat different (further east eg) than in our previous visits to Golden State North.

More exactly, we are bound for the more easterly exurbs of the California capital of Sacramento. This is where the technical staff have most recently migrated, in pursuit of suitable accommodation for a growing business at a reasonable price.

They currently occupy an intriguing, large building complex on almost two acres of land on a busy half-country road (called an “avenue” on maps). We’re looking forward to meeting, consulting, and otherwise hanging out in these new surroundings in a “census-designated place … in Sacramento County.”

At this juncture in what seem to be shaping up as the strange times of the 2020s, we’re looking forward as well to living for a short while in at least the California part of the wild and crazy USA today.

(And the Golden State at large is now home to almost 40 million people, compared to just more than 38 million in all of Canada’s vast and rugged northern geography, coast to coast to coast!)

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