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Conservatives cut into Liberal vote in Labrador .. but Grits still win handily

May 25th, 2005 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

With all polls now reporting, the Elections Canada preliminary results for yesterday’s federal by-election in Labrador show Liberal candidate Todd Russell with just under 52% of the vote, Conservative candidate Graham Letto with about 32%, and New Democrat Francis Fry with about 10%. So Paul Martin was probably breathing easier when he went to bed last […]

The morning after the night before .. was it maybe somehow all worthwhile?

May 20th, 2005 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

Now that Canadians do not have to rush into another federal election right away, the national commentariat has time for assorted post-mortems on the recent events in Ottawa. As Terry Weber of the Globe and Mail has reported, the ultimate razor-thin survival of Paul Martin’s Liberal minority government on Thursday, May 19, by a final parliamentary […]

Belinda’s bolt : beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

May 18th, 2005 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

Just what you think about former Conservative MP Belinda Stronach’s explosive decision to join Paul Martin’s Liberal cabinet depends on which side you are on. In the razor-thin confidence motion on Thursday, May 19, it means one more vote for the Liberals and the New Democrats, and one less for the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois. […]

Light at the end of the twilight zone .. the conscience of the nation returns?

May 14th, 2005 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2005. 5 AM. According to CTV News, all four Canadian parties “have now agreed to sit down and meet to discuss a fair strategy for dealing with some of the MPs who are sick and unable to attend the vote,’ NDP Leader Jack Layton said Friday evening.” Jack Layton’s comments have apparently been […]

What if Mayor Quimby ruled the world?

May 13th, 2005 | By | Category: In Brief

The Mayor says he’s been working hard at trying to find those that hurt us but until then and really until much, much after, we’re going to have to worry that what happened will happen again, and again. The Mayor says that we must be alert to these new dangers and that we must give […]

Can Harper do it : the Bush effect in Canada (and the United States)?

May 3rd, 2005 | By | Category: Key Current Issues

Stephen Harper’s Conservative caucus has been meeting in Ottawa, trying to figure out what to do next. In particular, is it still correct to talk about what the latest issue of the Ontario newsletter Inside Queen’s Park has nicely called “the pending annual contest to decide who isn’t governing Canada”? Meanwhile, the bigger brothers in the US […]

Gomery death watch .. the late April poll in Chuck Cadman’s riding

May 2nd, 2005 | By | Category: Ottawa Scene

VANCOUVER. Monday, May 2, 2005. Nothing brings  fevered speculation about Canadian federal politics back down to earth quite as nicely as the Vancouver Sun‘s recent poll of Chuck Cadman’s Surrey North riding. Mr. Cadman is one of the two as yet uncommitted federal MPs whose vote in parliament could determine whether Canadians have a fresh election in the […]