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Today In History
On July 8, 1900
1st night baseball, league game (Zanesville at Grand Rapids)

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IF YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT SOLAR ENERGY ... Not all that long ago now President Barack Obama "announced that ... grants will be available for those wishing to do research in renewable energy ... such as wind [and] solar." The next day "German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG said ... it will acquire a 28 per cent stake in Archimede Solar Energy S.p.A. to expand its expertise in solar thermal power plants." Meanwhile, for mere mortals who just want to know more the OpenSolar blog in the San Francisco Bay Area has been expanding its resources for letting you "ask questions about solar technology and get personal answers from experienced solar professionals and installation owners." All this remains one big piece in the big new clean-energy future that lies ahead. You can check it out in depth at ABOUT OPEN SOLAR!

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Canadian Women’s Business Network
Resources and opportunities for women in Canadian business ... on the leading edges of all the great causes today
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
The defence and security industries as an important pillar in building and maintaining a modern and effective Canadian defence and security capability for the times
Canadian Democratic Movement
Working towards a more representative government that is responsible to all Canadians
Canadian Foundation for the Americas
Deepening and strengthening Canada’s relations with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through policy discussion and analysis
Canadians for Direct Democracy
Promoting the right of citizens to hold referenda on any issue in Canada
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Eliminating government waste and holding politicians accountable to taxpayers at all levels of government
Straight Goods
Helping Canadian consumers and citizens save money, protect rights, and untangle spin
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