Mayor Ford tells it like it is : “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine” (and maybe the Mounties will exonerate Mike Duffy?)

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes hands with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford after announcing funding for new subways.

“I wonder what’s going to happen with Rob Ford today,” my wife said as we woke up this morning. Quite mistakenly, for the umpteenth time, I said I thought the whole thing would cool down for a bit.

Then, watching cp24 TV while brushing my teeth, I saw Doug Ford (Rob’s big brother) ranting away about how Toronto police chief Bill Blair should resign. And I felt some kind of line had been crossed in the history of Toronto the not-so-good.

And then, still watching cp24 while eating my breakfast (a bit late in the day : but I stay up late at night) I heard Mayor Rob Ford himself utter the immortal lines to a cluster of reporters outside his city hall office : “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.”

“Yes I have smoked crack cocaine,” Toronto Mayor Ford tells media outside his office at city hall.

He went on to stress that he did not “do” crack cocaine and was not an addict. But he had tried it, probably about a year ago in one of his drunken stupors. And however much he may still be not telling some more exact truth, he too, it seems to me, has now crossed a new rubicon.

For a long time we awaited a further “announcement” from Mayor Ford.. But when it finally came it was nothing more than a further apology and a further expression of the mayor’s determination to soldier on with his job, until the next election on October 27, 2014!

Meanwhile, the Yahoo Canada site has a post called “Crisis communications expert offers advice for Stephen Harper and Rob Ford.” This reminds us that even if Stephen Harper has not made as many mistakes as Rob Ford, the so-called Senate expense scandal is still causing some parallel trouble.

Is Mike Duffy right about something at least? RCMP Senate probe reaches PMO.

There is supposed to be a Senate vote on the suspensions of Senators Brazeau, Duffy, and Wallin around 5:30 PM ET today. The smart money says the suspensions will go ahead. Stephen Harper appointed most of the current Conservative majority in the Senate. The Prime Minister’s Office will almost certainly be getting what it wants. (Well, more or less.)

But is that the end of the affair? Note, eg, this item on the CBC website yesterday — “Senate scandal: Mike Duffy allegations bring RCMP to PMO doorstep … The RCMP are looking for a chain of emails and documents that support Mike Duffy’s allegations that the Senate expenses scandal reaches right into the Prime Minister’s Office, CBC News has learned.”

And then this item appeared on the Yahoo Canada site 21 hours ago : “Liberals to introduce motion to compel Stephen Harper to testify under oath.” And there is this online poll question on the Yahoo Canada site today — “Should PM Harper have to testify under oath about the Senate expense scandal?” As of 3:30 PM ET today, with more than 12,000 respondents the results are : Yes  83% ; No  17% .

Freddy Vette ... Your maitre d’ of Rock & Roll.

So … Canada may not be quite as boring as usual these days. Rob Ford and the Senate of Canada may even be good for something! Sort of.

Finally, the Freddy Vette Show at an Eastern Ontario AM radio station (CJBQ 800 Belleville) has just posted a great Rob Ford tribute piece, “I (used to) Smoke Crack,” with original words nicely set to the tune of “Hit the Road Jack.” CHECK IT OUT HERE.

(And my thanks to the counterweights editors dawes road branch for so quickly bringing this particular  Ford nation memorabilia to my attention. The same source has suggested three other links of potential interest : Don Cherry’s pinko rant at Rob Ford’s 2010 inauguration ; last night’s tribute to Rob Ford on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show ; and a flyer for rallies to “Save Toronto” from Rob Ford, November 6, 13.)

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